I Want to Start Posting Imperfect Writing.

I've been a secret writer for years, but I want to come out of the dark. I often use writing as an avenue to explore life, Christianity and the Bible, but I've never posted these articles for fear of imperfection.

No more of that. I don't want to let perfectionism steal away my voice any longer. 

There's a lot of things I want to do now, but I will start here. 

I am going to start writing here about the Lord. 

I imagine that most of it will be devotional and 'off the cuff' -- not long, expository Bible teaching -- though I love to write and teach that way. 

I'd like to post every few days for a while.

Right now I just want to stretch myself and begin to write publicly. That requires simplicity and honesty. 

I don't want to heavily edit -- I just want to write and post. 

Honestly, maybe this will help me to be more consistent in my private pursuit of the Lord also. 

Pray that the Lord gives me things that both you and I need to hear. 


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